What difference does the SAP/ ERP system make to your business?

Why SAP for your Business?

Let’s start by assuming that you have an option to drive a vehicle with manual operation and another with the fully automated version with Auto-Pilot assistant. You may feel that both gets the job done, but the risk of driving a fully automated vehicle is much less compared to a manually operated vehicle. It takes your full attention, you should always be on high alert and 0% human error should be met to prevent accident. In the same case human error can be managed by an automated vehicle. Now in this instance the Automated vehicle is the SAP supported system and the manual vehicle is ordinary multiple system with multiple interface.

What difference does the SAP/ ERP system make to your business?

Consider an example on Sales and Distribution and how the various different systems are connected in a real-time environment.

Here the software such as finance, HR, Inventory, Supply Chain, Production management, Supply Chain management, Sales Monitoring, procurement etc. are  managed using different software and interconnected in a complex manner. This creates a jitter in the data collection and accuracy as various process need to be followed to get the required data. The complex interconnections lead to unnecessary complications. For Ex: Finance personnel have to view the Inventory, check the production and procurement  separately to get an understanding of what costs should be managed to cater the sales demand. This creates risk and slow execution as no of steps are more to execute. Now in this era where time is money, every second counts. This is where SAP/ERP comes in.


Let’s see how a SAP SD environment looks like,


SAP system is customizable to your business need, everything you need specifically can be designed and it becomes the complete ecosystem for finance, sales, HR, procurement etc. The SAP system will allow the continual real time data availability through a single software. In this case it’s a single management tool for complete data for a company. As said in the previous example, the same scenario is different here. The finance personnel can easily get a required data from his SAP portal in a single window which gets aggregated from Production, sales, procurement, SCM in real-time and human error. Best part is the time for execution action is eliminated substantiating the statement every second gained is money gained.

SAP SD System

For the final reference here are some of the advantages for using SAP:

  • Real time data sharing between various systems.
  • Customizable to your business need.
  • Highly compatible with many systems available.
  • Extensive Support system available.
  • Proven Track record.
  • Expandable as the need arises.


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