Why UX design has to evolve to stay relevant in the future

Since the early 90s, when the term User Experience was brought to wider knowledge, the UX design profession has been dealing with a lot of key challenges. Besides new emerging roles accompanied by an increasing amount of new — and sometimes rather confusing — job titles, UX has mainly been struggling with its role in the product development process as much as with its influence and impact in large product organisations.

In many cases, designers struggle to speak the language of business, struggle to communicate the value of great User Experience to the management level and fail to have real impact due to organisational structures. Until now, UX is often treated as a service, has little involvement into strategic decisions, and is often assumed to just make things »look pretty«. Thus, designers are merely involved into any product and business related decisions. If UX fails to evolve over time, our craft will lose more and more relevance regarding product and business involvement.

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