Things to keep in mind while selecting the best outsourcing company for mobile app development

Each year millions of mobile applications are developed through various platforms like Android, iOS and Windows. This high-speed growth has led to many developers getting their mobile application development requirements outsourced to various vendors. However, finding the correct vendor is not an easy task as there is no dearth of individuals and vendors who claim to offer the same. Here are some quick pointers that need to be kept in mind while selecting the correct vendor.

Get an idea of his application development skills:

Once you are able to convey to the mobile developer about the kind of application you want, don’t rush into getting the process started. Instead, give him a fixed date to be able to give you an outline of what he has understood from your brief and how he plans to execute it.

Prior experience in the same field:

In your search for finding the right vendor, another basic requirement that you really need to pay attention to is whether he has the requisite experience in the kind of work that you are expecting. It is best to do a detailed research about his past projects and the kind of feedback he has received on them.


An outsourcing business project like mobile app development is done primarily to cut on the costs of maintaining an in-house team to do so. However, opting for a vendor just because he is offering you a cheap rate is not a wise thing to do. Pay adequate attention to the quality of work being offered vis-à-vis the costing and you would be able to select a vendor who can offer you the best deal.

Delivery time:

To make your task easier, insist on getting a timeline breakdown of when each task will be completed. Bring this up with the developer right in the beginning and be careful to stick to the deadline at all levels possible. If your developer falters in meeting them in the initial stages itself, be sure that there are chances you might miss your final deadline completely.

Signing an agreement:

Whoever you entrust your project should be completely serious about it. Signing up a non-disclosure agreement beforehand would let you know about the authenticity of the agency. Apart from this, you could also put legal clauses where the agency would be fined a certain amount for non-delivery on the set date.


Android/IOS app development is a strong field with nearly 50 million applications being downloaded per year. Outsourcing your task to a reliable agency not only reduces your cost, but also the time and effort to get the job completed on your own. However, many firms tend to make tall claims and when it comes to deliverables their work quality just falls short. It is advisable to follow the above steps to avoid landing in a mess later on.