Mobile apps has changes the lifestyle of people with some realtime app trends in the mobile world. People can do many things from shopping to food ordering, daily expense tracking, saving money, health & workout tracking and many more. The increased use of mobile devices for doing all these tasks resulted in inventing new mobile application.

We have seen the creation of mobile apps for fitness assistance, booking hotels, cabs hiring, mobile security, buying stuff online and in many more. We can see from this is the role of mobile application is
increasing day by day in the business growth so your business needs to be up to date with the latest trends in the mobile app development market.

Additionally, recent times have seen the emergence of gadgets like Apple digital watch, Titan’s raga series, Google Glasses which are compatible with mobile devices and applications. The mobile application development is now focusing on the technologies like cloud computing,
big data, and Internet of Things (IoT).

Now its the time to evaluate the emerging trends of mobile app development that we observed in 2015. Some statistics shared by Statista about online shopping indicate that around 22% of the retail
eCommerce sales in the U.S. were generated through mobile devices in 2015. Also, according to the same report, this m-commerce sales figure is expected to rise to 25% in 2016 and 27% in 2018.

In this article, we thus list some of the top emerging mobile app development trends in 2016. As a business, this list would help you plan the development of mobile apps.

1. Wearables and The Internet of Things (IOT)
IoT devices include smart appliances that can be remotely controlled and accessed by consumers for preventive maintenance. IoT is going to take Mobile App Development to the next level. These are still the early days for IoT, but the innovations involved considerably increase the scope of mobile app development related to it. ABI Research expects that the number of IP-connected devices and sensors in the world will exceed 30 billion by 2020.

Google Glass and iWatch these wearable tech devices, have shown that IoT will open up greater opportunities to include advanced features in mobile apps, going ahead. For example, there is currently a concept of a smart car that will require a connection to traffic signals through some application systems. The sensor of the signal will provide traffic directions or accident alerts,weather conditions, alternate route directions and so on. All this emphasizes the fact that mobile app development is going to be at the heart of IoT.

Furthermore, even though the IoT is more consumer based at the moment, it will be leveraged for commercial as well as industrial use. And, to add to this, IoT is also set to be adopted by, or integrated into, several enterprises (some may have already begun), which gives rise to the need for related enterprise app development. Mobile apps are heavily influencing the growth and there is greater need for connectivity.

2. Marketing Automation

This is perhaps the most important trend in mobile marketing recently. Mobile marketing automation will be seen at its best with BI & analytics, email marketing campaigns, buyer behavior testing and personalized content will become the mainstays of mobile marketing. Marketing automation will help you to know more about your customers behavior on your website. Out of this companies can know more about the customers in detail which will help them to create different customer personas. Creating different personas is important for effective inbound marketing.

Even marketing automation providers are taking mobile seriously with more mobile friendly features and dedicated mobile marketing campaign platforms. The sooner you adopt marketing automation, the better. Marketing automation software provides valuable intelligence on your customers so you craft better campaigns with more
suitable content.

According to CMS Wire, there will also be a shift to the ‘future’, whereby marketers will predict conversions and interactions for each customer. Predictive analytics will also be more precise, and automation capabilities will expand.

3. Mobile Payments and Mobile Commerce

2016 will also be the year that mobile payments truly fulfill their promise. Longtime incumbent PayPal, along with Apple Pay, Android Pay and most recently, Samsung Pay, are enabling the smartphone to become a reliable payment option for those who do prefer to slim down their physical wallets.

Last year in the US, 12.7 percent of smartphone users reported using a mobile wallet provider. Now E-commerce companies like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon are marketing their application online and provoking customers to buy products online. We all have seen our friends and neighbors purchasing for these eCommerce companies and many of us have installed all these applications on mobile devices. Paytm wallet service for making online payments is getting popular among the users and E Marketer predicts that number will go up this year, as more
and more retailers make it simple to tap their phones for making online payments. That’s why you must consider developing mobile application of your product or service in 2016.

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