Read it right before choosing branding agency

If you’re the one who has invested your heart and soul in company and your business is just an extension of who you are and what you believe in. So to let the business grow , one of the most critical element is brand building and it depends upon choosing the brand agency.

Be under no illusion, this really should not be so difficult and can be managed by considering few factors like

  1. Make sure of your need for a pitch
  2. Give a majestic brief
  3. Be clear on your objectives and requirements
  4. Talk to considerable number of agencies

Once you have a short list, consider the following questions to help you decide which is the right partner for you..

How do they treat you..?

First interactions are to be considered and you have to make most of the first interactions, they can be extremely revealing about the experience you’ll have as a client.

Trust your Gut and you and your branding partner need to be able to empathize deeply with each other. If you’ll not be compatible as people, it will show in the communication and work product.

The Pre-Pitch process:-

Before selecting an agency certain parameters must be considered:


As you need a creative marketing agency, So creativity should always be the primary priority and it can be assessed with previous works.

Resources and Background:-

Going with a small agency can be effective because they take a single project at a time and deploy all their staff into it which results in effective output. Agency must also be able to support your promotions financially.

Ability to do the Job:-

It is essential and you cannot regret once given. Check the ability by their resources, Financial Security, and team members. It is only what people expect from the agencies.

Build Healthy relations

Before selecting an agency, hold a meeting with three to four agencies at most. Inviting agencies for meeting will be a platform where you will be able assess the creativity, Response and few other parameters of the company to be finalized. This saves huge amount of time in Long Run.

If you want few Ideas from agencies you’ll have to pay for their creativity and time they had given to you. To get the creativity from the agencies give them as much information as possible. If you are not sure about what you want it results in time wastage.

The pitch

Creativity should be demanded and paid accordingly. Pay is what differs between ordinary and creative work, any agency don’t want to show their potential for less money. Many agencies will not pitch offer creative solutions unless they’ve agreed to do so beforehand.

Few suggest how they will approach towards your task and the amount to be spent for it. An out of the crowd agency will do the ground work and find what you need and what is essential. These are the agencies customers will feel comfortable with