Points to note while developing a Mobile App

Have a fantastic business idea & turn it into a robust mobile App? Stuck as to how to get it made, what parameters to keep in mind? If the answer is yes, the following article is just for you!

Points to keep in mind while developing a Mobile App:

  1. Extensive Market Research

Prior to entering any market and beginning the app development work, one must do an extensive market research; understand the demography, the competition and customer’s mind set. It will also help to know the errors and mistakes the existing competition made and how you can use it to your advantage.

  1. Efficiency

The consumers always expect complete efficiency out of every available mobile application which includes data efficiency also. Make sure your app uses minimum of the user’s internet data as heavy data using apps are mostly downloaded and forgotten, and soon uninstalled.

  1. Serve something different

Did you know human being have a proclivity of getting bored, a rather too soon. Hence they keep looking for something fresh and new every now and then. That is a need you as a service and/or product provider have to cater to. Bringing new and freshness into your work will create a buzz about it and more and more people will throng to it. Make your application such a way that it engages with people.



  1. User Waiting Period

Keeping your users waiting, even if it’s just the app which is merely loading can have a severe effect on your app’s credibility in the minds of the consumer. It will give an impression that the App is malfunctioning or simply doesn’t work as promised. Either way, it gives a very bad image in terms of the app’s robustness and user experience.

A solution to this little part is you can add in certain transition and animation effects or pop-ups of random trivia which will make the user think that app is certainly working and retrieving the information sought, thereby making them stay. A countdown timer or an indicator works best in such a scenario too.

  1. Pricing:

One of the hardest and yet most crucial part about app is its cost. Your app must be reasonable priced keeping multiple factors in mind, such as the features it offers with the convenience and ease, the existing competition, scope in the future and the average market need of the same, keeping the target market in mind.

  1. Target Audience:

Strategising and narrowing down on the precise target market audience for your app is quite significant. It’s your target audience who will actually try your app and based on their experience alone, your app’s usability and requirement would be brought out prominently in the market. Thus, defining this market and catering them well is of supreme importance.

  1. Master of ONE platform:

Prior to beginning with the app development work, one must decide on which all platforms it must be released. It’s not always best to release it in all of the major platforms, rather a right way to go about it would be to launch it on 1 platform, become the master in that, and then should the requirements be, gradually shift to other OS platforms.

  1. Focussed Marketing Strategy:

One doesn’t always need to spend millions into promotion and marketing, but yes a thorough and well thought out marketing strategy is a must prior to any launch of the App. Getting a sufficient traction and the hype is really important to get an overwhelming response at the time of launch. The timeline has to be correctly synced with the launch such that a good enough promotion has taken place just before the launch of the App. Effectively, one must begin marketing and promoting the App about 2-3 weeks before the launch and sustain for 2 weeks after it.

  1. App Testing:

Prior to any launch, small or big, the app must have gone through a tremendous level of checks. It is imperative to iron out any issues, concerns or malfunctions. The end user must never get to experience any of them and to ensure that is your responsibility. Post the alpha tests, the second round of beta testing must begin. One doesn’t require a high budget for the tests to be conducted too, as there are a lot of tools available online for the same.

  1. Expense Allocation:

Of course the app development work, promotions, testing etc costs money. Hence keeping a keen eye on the expenses and more importantly, setting a fixed budget aside for the same is very essential.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor was Whatsapp, Instagram or Snapchat. There is no sure shot success pill of anything, but yes, these little but essential tips can certainly help you if you are planning to develop your mobile application and want it to last long.