Outsourcing Mobile Game Development? Here are few facts you must know.

Many people are of the view that Gaming industry is all about playing and hardly any work. But the fact is far beyond what they think. As the smartphone sales are shooting up in the present world, so is the demand for games.

Don’t you trust me? Then have a look at the current trends of one of the popular games Candy Crush.

 The stats show that there is a huge demand for Game development market in future.

Consider the following facts before outsourcing your Game to other companies.


When you outsource your Game for companies, you receive many bids. Keep in mind the following things when you short list the companies:

  1. Companies must have experience of more than five years. They must carry a decent portfolio.
  2. Ask them to make a sample of artwork for your game.
  3. Not only in-depth experience but also they must be aware of upcoming technologies. They must be updated with the future technology, so that they can design your game with rich UI and modelling which makes you stand out of the competition.

Define the requirements of your projects:

Clearly, define your requirements to the outsourcing team and also take experts advice on how well that particular function might work in your game.

Miscommunication can lead to loss of time and efforts put by the outsourcing team which also leads to loss of money (more than required budget needs to be invested).

So try to explain the things what you need in your game before the start of the project itself to avoid confusion.


In most of the Asian countries, people tend to outsource the projects within the limit of their budget. So, make a plan on how much you are going to spend on your project, how much your app is going to make when released into market (a rough estimate) and how much extra you can invest (if required).

All these things help you to pick out the best outsourcing company within your required budget and also to negotiate with them.

Terms and conditions of the company:

Before choosing the company kindly go through the terms and conditions of the company as no one wants to have a bitter experience after signing the agreement.

Also look out if there are any hidden charges to avoid the extra burden on you.


As mentioned in the above point have a clear communication with your outsourcing company. Having a regular contact with them helps you to track the progress of your project and also make changes in the initial stage itself rather than changing it after the project is finished.


On a final note, picking out the perfect outsourcing Mobile game development company might be a tough task but at the end of the day with a proper research you can make it out.