No coding knowledge..? Here is how you can develop and App

The increasing expansion of smartphones is has created an ocean of opportunities for mobile app developers. This has been a boost for developers and companies that were waiting for a perfect opportunity to create successful applications, free or paid, using few resources.
Competing in this emerging market is not an easy task and requires programming skills.

Don’t have any prior programming knowledge..?Well its fine and in current trends it ain’t a mandatory either.
So now let us see few tools available for creating mobile apps for different platforms, with no coding knowledge.

DIY TOOLS: Create apps with no coding knowledge.
There are few tools in market with which it’s not necessary to know anything about programming in order to create apps. These tools help you to create your own app with the instructed steps, something like movie-maker or so. They are known as Do It Yourself (DIY) tools.

Apps created with these DIY tools are similar to each other as all the combinations of available resources wouldn’t be too many. With templates being limited and coding knowledge nil, we can’t modify the code as per our requirement. These leads to a building of an simple app and competing with that app in the market will be very tough and risky. Here where coding comes into picture, we can make design and user-friendly apps with coding knowledge, or simply outsource your app to a company.

Finding a perfect developer:-
Taking outsourcing as one option for developing an app, if your company doesn’t have a team of developers at hand then simply hire freelance developers. The result will always be of a much higher quality and you’d get perfectly designed app with all your requirements. Also, your app’s development process will be customised to meet your business’ needs and not vice versa as with DIY tools.

Though hiring is a cost enhancing process but it’s still worthwhile. Not only getting the product you’d also have an expert by your side to advise you.
Drawbacks of Codeless development:-
There are few drawbacks and they can’t be Ignore simply. When you determine to a codeless app, if any gamble arises in work then you’d not be able to solve the bug and hope for help. As the resources are limited in DIY tools you will have to confine your aspirations and can’t be simply stuffed with old material. It’s obvious that DIY tools don’t match to your aspirations and you be let down by your rivals in market.

Amid all, as we are talking about codeless app developments, let us look at some tools which build an app.


It is one of the easier to use mobile application wizards. It has a powerful visual editor that lets you create and configure different types of applications and it requires no programming skills.

It gives a good catalogue of predesigned templates to help newcomers. Furthermore, Creapp allows the possibility of adding attractive features to our project, such as online ordering systems, payment gateways etc.

Apps Builder:

It is another appealing tool to quickly and easily design and publish own mobile applications. The difference between this service and other wizards is that its editor can capture the contents of website to use as a foundation on which to develop applications for different mobile operating systems.