Magic Leap based on augmented reality

Magic leap is the future of augmented reality. With oven an $540 million in pocket and backing of giants like Google and QUALCOMM, many big names are to have a go in this future.

Magic loop intends to build a Google glass on steroids that can seamlessly blend computer-generated graphics with the real world. A headset packed with fiber optic projectors, crazy lenses and loads of cameras. An augmented reality that you’ll actually believe in.

Where did Magic Leap come from?

Magic Leap wasn’t originally a tech startup. Before four years magic Leap had a relationship between the Weta workshop, when augmented reality didn’t seem the aim, then magic leap claimed to be working with Weta on a graphic novel and a series of films.

But by 2011, Magic leap started looking a lot less like Abovitz rounding to friends to have some gathering. In may 2011, Magic leap became a corporation and following month it released an augmented reality app called hour Blue. It was its first step towards a new goal to bring film into physical world.

Magic Leap could kill screens by projecting directly into eye

Magic leap differs from other competitors by not revealing any insights except the output. It uses Dynamic Digitised Lightfield Signal which projects directly into eye so it hits retina. Contrast of what traditional projectors which would fire the light at a surface which bounces it back into eye.

This software is so smart that the demo videos show that light created in the virtual projects even bounce off real world items and create shadows where the final result is a seamless, real-looking projection.

By creating a headset that projects directly onto the retina there is no need for screens anymore. It also mean that’s everything can be adaptive so the display suits the information. Video examples show menus being scrolled as if they were on a physical wheel.

Intellectual property

Patent applications rarely tell you what a company is actually working on only where it wants to legally stake a claim. Patents are hardly proof of anything, but they do give some idea of a company’s general areas of interest. Magic leap patents might explain how the company might go merely projecting images onto eyeballs making it 3D.

Believable augmented reality is hard. If you’re looking at the real world, your eyes are focusing at a variety of different distances. Because you need to see the real world, you obviously can’t have a projector covering the front of the glasses.

Magic Leap could change the face of gaming

One of the biggest applications of Magic leap is gaming. Just image how would it be to moving in a room playing game and not banging into thins. That is what augmented reality does, it makes the real unreal.

The fact that Magic leap unit appears to recognise hands means holding virtual objects like guns appears to be easy. Although perhaps a real-world prop will help in these instances.

Magic leap patent on treating colour blindness

A patent application for treating colourblindness with augmented reality filed by the secretive startup illustrated a new use of trendy but nascent technology. This shows an augmented reality device that can be used to diagnose and treat eye issues specifically colour blindness.

There are sensors that allow the device to figure out what colours a person can’t see. Then the device amplifies the wavelengths of light so it can apply a filter so none of the colours overlap.

Job opportunities

From their approach it is pretty clear that they don’t need anyone for too long. They’re hiring hardware engineers to rapidly prototype and prepare factory tooling for a new version, one that several job postings hint will rely on smartphone style mobile components and the android operating system to do this job’








China’s OkCoin and Huobi to stop bitcoin withdrawal

Two of the china’s leading traders who use the most popular bitcoin exchange, not only in china but the entire world, now stopped the bitcoin withdrawals when met with an warning last week.

Ultimately, the crackdown on margin lending may end up being a long-term positive, as it will prevent the tremendous momentum shifts that have sent volatility in the digital currency soaring.

For some Chinese traders the crackdown on margin lending comes just a few days too late. Last week it was observed that the most of the wealth in china’s bitcoin market crashed sending price hike by forty percent.

While China’s relation with rapidly moving bitcoin may come and go, this incident merely reinforces a long-running observation for traders seeking a way to get rich and retire, forget fundamentals and technical analysis between the lines of central bankers
So both OKCoin and Huobi made clear that their services now will upgrade to Combat Money laundering, exchange, pyramid schemes and other illegal activities, despite failing to provide any further details.

BTCC have said to CoinDesk that changes to the exchange’s service were being made in response to interactions with the people’s bank of China, the country’s central bank, though they stopped short of saying that the service had been terminated or disabled.
In note provided to one reputed agency, Huobi indicated that the move was an aggressive one that found the two exchanges seeking to promote Bitcoin.

Hopefully, therefore, the withdrawal of margins and futures offerings is only temporarily, but the move does raise concerns that PBOC’s involvement will be far more extensively than previously thought.

What’s New in Android 7.0 Nougat?

The developer preview of Android N gives us a good Idea of all the new featured that the OS will give. Android N comes with a number of new user-facing features. Below are few major features introduced by Android N

Split-Screen multitasking

Presumably the biggest feature of Android N, this was among the most requested ones from the users. Here you can put an app in split view mode by long pressing the recent apps button, it brings the recent apps and allows you to select the second app you need to split view.

Improved Notifications

With new Android version, Google is giving one of the h3est parts of Android, A major change. Besides the new look, the notification panel in android N comes with many features like the direct reply, Bundled notifications and more.

Direct reply notifications

It builds on the quick reply feature introduced by Google in Marshmallow. You won’t have to navigate away from your current window just to answer an incoming message. You can just reply within that notification on top of the screen.

Clear list of recent apps

Google added a clear all catch to the recently opened applications list, just it’s somewhat covered up. Rather than setting it at the base of your screen when seeing your recent applications, you have to look to the highest priority on the rundown where you’ll locate the convenient clear all text. Tap on it and all applications are closed.

Bundled Notifications

Bundled notifications will allow developers to group multiple notifications from their app into one. Each notification can also be individually expanded to reveal more information. So, for example only one Gmail notification for all mails in the inbox of Gmail, but when you expand it using the one figure gesture, it will expand to take more place and then display relevant information of each email you received.

Doze mode

One of the prominent features of Marshmallow has been doze mode, An innovative way of keeping battery whenever the device is stationery. It amounts to a deep standby mode.

Android N is going to step up the energy saving software techniques by expanding Doze mode so that it thoroughly limits the background tasks whenever the screen is off. This could be ideal for throwing your phone into your pocket and waking up next day to see the same battery level.

Data saving

If you are tired of paying for data overages, then at this junction utilizing an Android Nougat can empower data saver to limit particular applications from utilizing data in the background.

Under the data usage menu, open data saver and turn it on. You can then experience a rundown of applications introduced on your device, and empower foundation information for everyone you need. Applications will just access cellular data when you’re effectively using it.

Quick settings

At the top of notification panel in Android N, it features quick toggle for Wi-Fi, BT, Data saver and other important system settings. Previously, accessing quick tiles would require some time. This will make it easier for users to access the frequently used toggles, especially on the device with a large screen.

The option to customize the tiles being displayed in quick settings has now graduated to a full-fledged feature in android N. You can not only add new tiles but also rearrange the existing tiles in the order you like.

Keyboard shortcuts

Utilizing a physical keyboard with a tablet like Pixel C includes a level of accommodation and mobile computing feels to the tablet. Be that as it may, earning and recollecting each application’s keyboard shortcuts can be errand. With nougat, you can press search+/to see a rundown of shortcuts for the application you’re as of now utilizing.


Google says Android Nougat will provide its biggest leap forward in graphics with the introduction of Vulkan giving game developers much needed control of the GPU.

There’s also a number of Runtime improvements, including optimizations to the JIT compiler which has seen task speeds increase between 3 to 5 times.

Mistakes to Avoid while choosing right branding agency

In modern times facing branding challenges is no longer a misconception where the brand its visual identity or no longer connect with people. So it always necessary to look for the best brand experience agency which can reassess your strategy and plans. But if you are choosing the right agency here are few mistakes you need to avoid while hiring these agencies.

Unable to understand challenge

Majority of the businesses don’t understand what their real challenge is. In this case they spend thousands of rupees which in turn would prove nothing and if you won’t choose the right expert their approach can lead you far from the required approach creating chaos. The solution is to this situation can be to identify your challenges and then look for solution.

Unclear brief

Business magnets might still think they are giving presentation to get the business but while you are consulting an expert their brief about the company needs to be honest and clear. An experienced brand agency might spend hours looking for the real problem if the brief is not clear.

Providing guidance and structure

If you are looking for someone to do exactly as your say, or do you need someone who is going to push you out of your comfort zone? Getting uncomfortable and vulnerable during the design process can make clients feel frustrated and strained.

Brand development is meant to be pushy and collaborative. It is reflection, self-analysis and meditation all rolled into one. The soul-searching is part of the process.

No self-research

Recommendations are generally to attractive to listen to like guerrilla marketing but does this really work for your business. Based on the size of your business and also on the recommendations further steps should be taken.

It can also solve many marketing problems but it’s always better to consult an expert in this matter.

Location dependent

Selecting an agency nearby will be helpful in its own terms but have flaws in distant vision. Being able to work with them closely and proximity maintained will be helpful in close monitoring of the work but it limits the opportunities of finding an agency which is apt for you.
A good agency will take few decisions in a matter of time to help their dedication towards the project and make it technically rich.

Don’t drive away with price

Do not let the price define who you work with. There will always be someone who can do it cheaper, but with that savings on cost comes a hefty price in regards to dedication and brand care. Always remember what you are getting for the money spent; expertise, strategy, navigation, of frustration bounds to understand what you need, who you are and your message.

Getting distracted by big names in branding

Same as any industry even in branding there are popular and lesser known agencies. As proved agencies are popular, you must be confident that those agencies will deliver project in time and quality to perfection but do not forget the price tag with what they come. Don’t ever underestimate the work of small agency as there are few which are small though can handle your project and deliver in much perfection and work with dedication.

The 4 most important criteria to consider when reviewing agencies

There are four criteria that are crucial for selecting an designing and brand agency that will work for you. With many shortlisted options you choose to interview them directly, Here are few parameters you shouldn’t forget to assess while reviewing them.

Quality of work

For any company its brand is its soul. The designs and visuals you wish to represent the company will influence people who try out you as a customer.

What techniques and procedures do they use to enhance creativity? It matters a lot. For example, when they say that they used brainstorming, do they really mean that? Whereas clients may not be able to judge the level of creativity of a proposal, they should be able to judge whether the procedures seem to be useful, So they will ask agency to explain procedures.

It is difficult to predict whether a group will come up with another creative idea just because they came up with a creative idea for the proposal. Worse yet, it is difficult to judge the creativity of idea but much evidence exists to show that structured creative techniques are superior to unstructured group resources.

Cost of the work

It is true that the clients want to match their budget to the size of the agency chosen.

With a small budget don’t go with a big company as they treat you like unaffordable client and will limit the resources for your project. With a small budget a small would be fine as they put all their efforts on your project a s they take projects one by one, so more number of creative people will be involved in this process.

It will be very tough task to be honest and realistic about budget while considering agencies. You cannot be optimistic in getting a high quality product with minimum investment, you end up disappointed with the incomplete or below par project because you couldn’t actually afford the scope of the work that you told the agency you wanted.

The quality is obviously in risk zone and apart form that you’ll have to truncate your requirements in last minute to scale the project to budget and the time is wasted. In a period where time is counted in terms of money, It is better to make hard decisions at the beginning rather than taking them to the last minute and compromising the quality of output.

Style of the work

With a lot of time, money and effort invested you need a brand value which lasts for long and it recreates the magic of big agencies. So being creative, innovative is mandatory. Here agency needs to provide you with optimized work for both in website and mobile because if it works only on any one of them it will never be a great brand.

Few questions to be considered while assessing their work levels..

  • Do they provide an effective-time line for developing a campaign and can they do it effectively?
  • Are they familiar with extensive research findings on how to persuade people?
  • Do they consider alternative strategies and have contingency plans?
  • What copy alternatives would they consider and why? What procedures would they recommend to test and select the most effective of their copy alternatives?
  • How would they determine the optimal amount to spend on an advertising campaign?
  • What procedures would they recommend to select the most effective idea?
  • What are the capabilities of the people who will be working on the proposed project?
  • Do they have a complete list of clients served so that failed as well as successful relationships might be examined?
  • Are they mobile responsive?

Customization of the Work

You always want an agency that understands you and you can hire that without any further complications. An ordinary agency will do whatever you instruct but a good agency will assess your requirements and mold the output accordingly.

Check their styles by scanning their portfolio and analyze whether their style would be suitable to your requirement or do they have a diverse and wide-ranging in their styles which will help the client in many more ways.

If they have similar style of works then they can be categorized as group of experts working together for a similar output and if they vary in styles with versatility it means they have a team of highly skilled people from different domains working together collectively as a group resulting in success.

It is great if  agency worked with similar clients but however it is not mandatory if the agency is capable of analyzing and understanding your current business needs and work accordingly

Read it right before choosing branding agency

If you’re the one who has invested your heart and soul in company and your business is just an extension of who you are and what you believe in. So to let the business grow , one of the most critical element is brand building and it depends upon choosing the brand agency.

Be under no illusion, this really should not be so difficult and can be managed by considering few factors like

  1. Make sure of your need for a pitch
  2. Give a majestic brief
  3. Be clear on your objectives and requirements
  4. Talk to considerable number of agencies

Once you have a short list, consider the following questions to help you decide which is the right partner for you..

How do they treat you..?

First interactions are to be considered and you have to make most of the first interactions, they can be extremely revealing about the experience you’ll have as a client.

Trust your Gut and you and your branding partner need to be able to empathize deeply with each other. If you’ll not be compatible as people, it will show in the communication and work product.

The Pre-Pitch process:-

Before selecting an agency certain parameters must be considered:


As you need a creative marketing agency, So creativity should always be the primary priority and it can be assessed with previous works.

Resources and Background:-

Going with a small agency can be effective because they take a single project at a time and deploy all their staff into it which results in effective output. Agency must also be able to support your promotions financially.

Ability to do the Job:-

It is essential and you cannot regret once given. Check the ability by their resources, Financial Security, and team members. It is only what people expect from the agencies.

Build Healthy relations

Before selecting an agency, hold a meeting with three to four agencies at most. Inviting agencies for meeting will be a platform where you will be able assess the creativity, Response and few other parameters of the company to be finalized. This saves huge amount of time in Long Run.

If you want few Ideas from agencies you’ll have to pay for their creativity and time they had given to you. To get the creativity from the agencies give them as much information as possible. If you are not sure about what you want it results in time wastage.

The pitch

Creativity should be demanded and paid accordingly. Pay is what differs between ordinary and creative work, any agency don’t want to show their potential for less money. Many agencies will not pitch offer creative solutions unless they’ve agreed to do so beforehand.

Few suggest how they will approach towards your task and the amount to be spent for it. An out of the crowd agency will do the ground work and find what you need and what is essential. These are the agencies customers will feel comfortable with

Choosing the Right branding agency

One of the easiest ways to create a unique brand image, and up stage your competition is through branding. Branding is the continuous process of generating value for your company through various means. This includes creating a unique selling point, offering better incentives than your competitors, hosting promotional events for your product and services, and many more.

Branding can be difficult aspect to manage on your own, which is why it is necessary to outsource the responsibilities of branding to an experienced agency. There are numerous of branding agencies, No one wants to invest many money just to lag, so to fight the right branding partner is always a challenge.

Few fail to find the right branding agency because

  • They don’t understand your business challenge
  • The brief isn’t clear
  • They don’t put efforts in research

To overcome the following the mistakes you should follow certain regulations and we’ll discuss them below

Does branding agency specialize in what you need?

This is no easy task and don’t be surprised how many times a design or branding agency is chosen without much thought to this.
If you need to choose a complex, enterprise level website created, don’t go to an agency whose focus is video or illustration. Many agencies are multi-disciplined but that doesn’t mean they are experts in that area. Make sure you get the answer to this question before your agency selection is made as everything else depends on this foundation.

Performance of the agencies

  • How do they interact with you before you become a client?
  • Are they timely in initial email exchanges?
  • How frictions less the conversations are?
  • Do they reschedule or are they late?

Can they handle the scale of the project you are trying to complete?

While a lot of projects are small enough to be handled by a one or two man team, others require some heavy work. Be careful about working with agencies or individuals who show something which they aren’t. Nothing causes date slippage quite like having a small team to complete a big project.

Do the contacts at agency make you feel welcome and appreciated?

If your contact with a potential agency’s owners or employees leaves you feeling less than intensely appreciated and incredibly important, get out fast. Sometimes the quality of people you work with matters as much as their ability to get the work done.

Putting their Ideas

There are few agencies that do what exactly you say. Here comes the difference between the good and ordinary agency, A good agency puts their creativity and add up to the mark. They shouldn’t withhold themselves from presenting their Ideas to you.

Though work is being done you feel serene and It doesn’t work for time. Branding is a process in which you have to find your soul.

Success is achieved by collaboratively working and agencies which are client based they often result in poor outcomes.


The successful implementation of the words outlined above will help your organization match the right agency to the right creative assignment. This deeper understanding around agency selection prompts smarter decisions which leads to less effort and increased efficiencies.

Why a mobile app is must for your jewelry business?

If you think mobile apps are only for E-commerce giants and big brands, you are wrong. More and more businesses are following this trend and it should be followed, considering the importance and evolution of Digital marketing.

So now let us look at few advantages of having a mobile app in jewelry business

Visibility Round the clock:-

Many statistics show that an average person spends more than two hours on their mobile phones.

So customers who download your app can get access to exclusive deals and checking out available items whenever they need i.e. while travelling, watching television etc.
To check any ornaments they don’t need to go to the nearest store and find the required one by spending hours of time finding an apt store and Item.

A mobile application also makes a customer feel more appreciated and valued as well which increases engagement and revenue.

Stand out of the crowd:-

These days’ mobile apps at the Jewelry business level are pretty rare and this is where you can take a big leap ahead of your competitors and you will be the first among your circles to offer a mobile app to your customers. They’ll be astonished by your forward-thinking approach.

Creating a Direct marketing channel:-

Apps give many advantages like they can provide general info, prices, quality and design, and much more.

The biggest benefits of having a mobile app are that all the information you’d like to provide to your customers- including special sales and promotions is right at their fingertips. Through notifications (push) you’ll be constantly reminding them about your offers and services which will have a direct impact on sales.

KYC (Know your customer):-

No matter what, your customers always want to interact with you regarding various things ranging from Design to Delivery. Having an app increases the chances of letting customers know services you are providing and it develops an interactive shopping environment with ingraining knowledge about the products.

These interactions let you know the whereabouts of customers with which you can analyze on their requirements and develop the products and designs of ornaments accordingly.

Mobile payments and Cost effective services:-

With brand value and recognition in your pocket, customers trust your services and they’ll be willing to purchase online, given a great and genuine product description. This reduces your workload and investment in owning a shop and furnishing it.

Availability of many trusted payment gateways will be an added advantage in your app features which allows customers to pay with trust and comfort.


Mistakes Startups Make When Building Mobile Apps

While the world has moved to smartphones, it’s only reasonable to think of building (or moving to) mobile apps for your startup or company or business. Mobile apps are not only easy to use, they also connect us with almost everything out there, all the time. Hungry, rummage through apps for a food ordering app. A party coming up, need new clothes, dig into the best online shopping apps. All this and so much more only with the swipe of a finger on mobile phone.

If you are a startup, you need to understand that mobile apps keep you close to your user base, and by push notifications, you can inform your customers about any exciting update that you’ve come up with. That being said, after you’ve pondered enough and had the unwavering decision of moving to a mobile app, keep the following in mind!

Native apps perform better, ALWAYS!

The rudimentary thought that pops up before building an app is always to get a wrapper for all the platforms and not code natively. The disadvantage of building a native app is, you need to code multiple times (for every platform), but with the wrapper, you code once and then parse the code to work for every platform. This might sound intriguing, but the wrappers impact the performance. Neither is your front end fast, nor the response from the backend can be processed fast. So, ALWAYS prefer the native coding!

Steady backend

If you have a website, you might think of your backend to be long ready for your mobile apps too, but wait, did you actually check it? The response expected by the web (depends on the framework you are using) and mobile apps are always different. So, even if you don’t need a complete overhaul, you might need tweaks to reduce the response time and to provide a smooth experience to your user.

Outsourcing is ‘not equal to’ no efforts from you

Outsourcing just means that the development (and maybe designing as well), is being done by another firm, but you’ll need to step in from time to time, to monitor the progress, to resolve the conflicts (if any), to let the decisions be taken swiftly, and many other reasons. Maybe, you must keep a short update meeting, every evening or 2 days a week and you’ll know every ups and downs that your app is going through.

Let the developers disturb you!

Outsourced or not, be in contact with your developers (or maybe just the tech lead) to get a wider perspective about your app. Maybe your developer would bring to the table something new and influence the user experience in a great way.

The app must speak for itself

If your app needs a tutorial to operate, chances are, nobody would want to have it. You’ll have to understand and accept that if a mobile app is clumsy and not intuitive, maybe no one would use it, ever! Your app must let the user walk around comfortably, without needing to figure out “what to do next?”

With those points being covered, do remember to let the world know about your app before it is launched. Marketing on social media and making people aware and excited about your idea is very important.

Develop the app! Build on the ideas! Let the world know you!

Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting a Web Design Company

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With almost everyone breathing in a digital space these days, holding a user to have a look at your product site associated with it has emerged as a tedious task that involves many layers of factors. You can push your customer away as easily as a blink of an eye. Attaining 100% funnel rate is quite impossible, but certain highlights do the job of helping you keep your user happily on your website!

The first and a very important component of a website from user’s perspective is always the design. Website design’s importance can be defined by the fact that it is the first touch point for your site, and that’s what repels or attracts the customer to stay and explore your offerings.

Most probably you won’t be doing the website design on your own, and if you are outsourcing it to a web developer company; you must avoid a few pitfalls to stay at the top of your industry!

There is a difference between UI and UX

Most of the web design companies think only about user interface (UI), ignoring the user experience (UX). Do NOT hire a web design company that doesn’t understand UX or doesn’t agree with the importance of the same. Even if the visuals are remarkable, you need to minimize the number of clicks and efforts that user has to make to use your product.

Money isn’t the only component

It’s not like, you shouldn’t look for the available prospects, but settling for any web design company only because the money it’ll cost you is less isn’t the right thing to do. Less quote might mean less invested efforts and ghastly design. Evaluate properly before deciding!

Always choose a web design company over a part-time web designer

It might be tempting to hire a part-time web designer instead of a web design company, given that the payment and productivity work quite differently for the part-time designers. But do not fall for such luring. You might even get lucky in finding a responsible part-time web designer for your site, but working with a web design company could mean giving actual shape and colour and hence adding considerable value to your site. If this is not accomplished wholeheartedly or is done just for the sake of doing, the chances are, your audience get shooed away even before landing on your login page! Also, by choosing a web design company you can be assured of professionalism and hence the branding of your website will be highlighted.

Portfolio, experience, and talent

Getting to know your web design company only through brand name might not be the best idea. To understand your stakes properly, get to know their accomplishments, portfolios, previous work, comprehend all the references, or maybe get them do a sample according to your own requirement!

What do you really want?

All these might be a few major pitfalls to avoid but the most important thing is understanding what you are actually looking for. Create an idea of your requirement, for you. Weave and freeze your notions and hence be very clear and particular about your website. Know that, it’s yours and the only thing that matters is what you want it to become!

Build an interactive website with the aid of a web design company, and evaluate every aspect before settling for anything! Happy building!