The 4 most important criteria to consider when reviewing agencies

There are four criteria that are crucial for selecting an designing and brand agency that will work for you. With many shortlisted options you choose to interview them directly, Here are few parameters you shouldn’t forget to assess while reviewing them.

Quality of work

For any company its brand is its soul. The designs and visuals you wish to represent the company will influence people who try out you as a customer.

What techniques and procedures do they use to enhance creativity? It matters a lot. For example, when they say that they used brainstorming, do they really mean that? Whereas clients may not be able to judge the level of creativity of a proposal, they should be able to judge whether the procedures seem to be useful, So they will ask agency to explain procedures.

It is difficult to predict whether a group will come up with another creative idea just because they came up with a creative idea for the proposal. Worse yet, it is difficult to judge the creativity of idea but much evidence exists to show that structured creative techniques are superior to unstructured group resources.

Cost of the work

It is true that the clients want to match their budget to the size of the agency chosen.

With a small budget don’t go with a big company as they treat you like unaffordable client and will limit the resources for your project. With a small budget a small would be fine as they put all their efforts on your project a s they take projects one by one, so more number of creative people will be involved in this process.

It will be very tough task to be honest and realistic about budget while considering agencies. You cannot be optimistic in getting a high quality product with minimum investment, you end up disappointed with the incomplete or below par project because you couldn’t actually afford the scope of the work that you told the agency you wanted.

The quality is obviously in risk zone and apart form that you’ll have to truncate your requirements in last minute to scale the project to budget and the time is wasted. In a period where time is counted in terms of money, It is better to make hard decisions at the beginning rather than taking them to the last minute and compromising the quality of output.

Style of the work

With a lot of time, money and effort invested you need a brand value which lasts for long and it recreates the magic of big agencies. So being creative, innovative is mandatory. Here agency needs to provide you with optimized work for both in website and mobile because if it works only on any one of them it will never be a great brand.

Few questions to be considered while assessing their work levels..

  • Do they provide an effective-time line for developing a campaign and can they do it effectively?
  • Are they familiar with extensive research findings on how to persuade people?
  • Do they consider alternative strategies and have contingency plans?
  • What copy alternatives would they consider and why? What procedures would they recommend to test and select the most effective of their copy alternatives?
  • How would they determine the optimal amount to spend on an advertising campaign?
  • What procedures would they recommend to select the most effective idea?
  • What are the capabilities of the people who will be working on the proposed project?
  • Do they have a complete list of clients served so that failed as well as successful relationships might be examined?
  • Are they mobile responsive?

Customization of the Work

You always want an agency that understands you and you can hire that without any further complications. An ordinary agency will do whatever you instruct but a good agency will assess your requirements and mold the output accordingly.

Check their styles by scanning their portfolio and analyze whether their style would be suitable to your requirement or do they have a diverse and wide-ranging in their styles which will help the client in many more ways.

If they have similar style of works then they can be categorized as group of experts working together for a similar output and if they vary in styles with versatility it means they have a team of highly skilled people from different domains working together collectively as a group resulting in success.

It is great if  agency worked with similar clients but however it is not mandatory if the agency is capable of analyzing and understanding your current business needs and work accordingly