The Future of retail Can be App-Free

Mobile devices play an increasing important role in retail shopping experience and the numbers have been increased significantly in last half of decade.

Practically at every step along the way in shopping process, from researching product details and comparing prices across retailers to checking the in-store availability of certain items, we are using mobile phones to the extreme.

The retail experience of the future also won’t be confined to physical settings bounded by walls and ceilings, thanks to the nearly ubiquitous existence of virtual reality (VR) apps.

Since the advent of the internet, retailers have been reeling, trying to adjust to consumers’ ever-changing shopping habits. Nowadays, the prevailing sentiment is that consumers are “never not shopping”; think of your app as a window display that constantly parades the many features  and services that the free market has to offer.

This time-taking & chaos app-shopping now has reached to threshold where people are fed up with loading times and screen interactions. With the ever growing technologies, people are now shifting to most advanced systems like Google Home, Echo, and IOT controllable devices.

One of the retail’s biggest challenges is geographic in nature: most consumers live outside of capital cities far away from stores. The next step of App-less shopping, therefore, hopes to bring the shopping experience even closer to the customer. The ability to make in-store purchases presents vCommerce as the next frontier in retail and seamless shopping experience in terms of advanced technology ‘Virtual reality’.

Apps like Uber and Tinder have removed friction from day-today interactions and are progressing towards automatization. The retail trends above point towards an automatization and optimization of the shopping experience with as little human interaction as possible. In the process Amazon has launched Amazon Go which creates a friction less movement in progression.

Despite all these advancements, Mobile is an integral part of our living and cannot be Isolated. At this point, to look beyond, we may visualize a completely App-less or App-invisible environment in near future.

Amazon, after all efforts, realized physical shopping can never be extinct. Technology is only to reduce efforts of man and reduce time but cannot replace senses of Individual. The senses prevail up to certain extent in comfort zone. Beyond that it is regressive and user prefers to Virtual shopping.

So with the advent technologies like AI, non-GUI interfaces, Location awareness we are moving towards a app-free environment. In near future a complete friction less application is not beyond reach and we must be ready to experience the best.