Essential Elements for Apps Store ranking

With more than Million apps in store, Getting your app found and downloaded is tough anticipation.

According to few analytics companies, more than fifty percent of apps downloaded are found through search results as users doesn’t have any predetermined option in every case.

This means if you don’t optimize your app for discovery, you are letting users slip through you and find your competitors who were prominently featured for same keyword.

With all your money and time invested you don’t want to get your app go unnoticed. Once your product is recognised as good and popular, a much larger group of new users will accept your app and an added advantage is that the higher your app returns on a search, the less likely a user will scroll down to the next option which in further advances downloads list and velocity.

ASO: – App store optimization is the process of optimizing your mobile app so it ranks higher in the store which makes it easy to discover.

Now, let us explore some crucial components of ASO

Leaving aside all the factors, believe it or not, your app’s title plays the key role in your app’s ranking. It’s the first thing App store’s search engine takes into account when a user enters a query. That’s why you should always try to come up with the most relevant app name and keywords to include in your app’s title.

Keep it short and creative in possible terms and don’t rush the keywords into it.

Many users would fancy reading description only after they looked at your icon and screenshots and find them attractive and informative. Your description is where you win their pulses and turn the visitors into users and description should focus mainly on App benefits but not features. Downloads are based on requirement, not on specifications.

The algorithm searches for keywords in description so use them wisely and don’t stuff them into it.


The nature of application determines the demand. Consequently, more number of downloads are needed in a popular category than in a less popular to reach the top rank. Similarly, number of downloads needed in each market is different too. So market in which app is launched should also be considered as a prerequisite.

The rate of app installs is the biggest factor that influences your rank. No matter your app is new and has less no. of downloads; if it is downloaded frequently it is on top, as simple as that.

Uninstall rate can negatively influence your App’s ranking in store. Interface quality, App bugs may be few reasons that can be avoided to reduce the uninstall rate.


It is known that App store Algorithm also uses user ratings to measure the service delivered. Since ratings can be easily inflated through manipulation, there is equal speculation that reviews have lighter weightage compared to others. However, ensuring good reviews and ratings on the appstore can increase popularity and drive many installs for app. Reacting to feedback by users gives you a good image.

Do not ask for ratings too soon and respond gratefully to positive reviews.


The impact of ASO can’t be seen overnight. By making ASO a priority strategy, you’ll increase your app’s visibility and ranking on the app store and ensure you get new users. Well targeted traffic will lead to more downloads in a short amount of time and increases your rank.