Why enterprise marketers are now turning to WordPress – By The Drum

There is nothing more frustrating for a marketing department than a website that doesn’t allow them the flexibility they need to do their job.

93 Digital specialises in WordPress design and in the last year, we’ve received many web design RFPs from big businesses. Their marketing departments are gradually wrangling back control of their websites from internal IT stakeholders, only to realise the website is close to unusable. It takes six hours of a web developer’s time to add a new landing page and every time the team tries to publish a new blog post, the CMS crashes. Typically these websites aren’t pretty (we all know what happens when you leave design decisions in the hands of developers) and it’s fair to say they are rarely built with any focus on marketing results. It’s a story that we hear all too frequently.

But why? Because IT departments usually build websites to just display information or carry out a function. On the other hand, marketing departments build websites that seek to meet the needs of their buyer personas, using data and creativity to craft user experiences and map out buyer journeys in way that will help to meet wider business objectives. The two are extremely different processes, with exceedingly different end results.

So where does WordPress fit in, and why is it becoming an ever more popular choice for the modern marketer?

Originally a blogging platform born back in 2003, WordPress has evolved into the most popular CMS in the world. As of September 2016, WordPress powers a staggering 26.6% of the entire internet. That equates to a 59.2% share of the CMS market – next you will find Joomla on 6.2% and Drupal with 4.9%. Sony Music, Microsoft, Nikon, Blackberry, Bacardi and Coca-Cola are just a few of the household names who use the open source CMS in different parts of their business, and whilst researching this piece I even found a recent article by NASA explaining the benefits of WordPress.

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