Content vs. Content Marketing: What’s The Difference? – By Scopeweaver

As businesses continues to evolve and keep on building strong marketing presence, marketers start to embrace benefits that Content and Content Marketing has to offer.

This is a topic that I’ve wanted to dive into for a while not only for myself, to help better articulate the key similarities and differences between the two, but for the countless other marketers out there searching for a clear answer on how they should reference what they’re doing with content creation as a marketing approach.


Content & Content Marketing Defined

Simply, content is an information presented in the form of speech, article, audio, and video etc., after doing an extensive research on a particular topic.

All the information provided must be accurate and must solve the issues of the reader which requires lot of homework.

Content is further classified into different types like:

  • Content of product
  • Sales content
  • Content for marketing
  • Campaign content
  • Reviewing a product is also content

On the other hand, things done to achieve sales or targeted visitors to your site is content marketing. You make different strategies in order to promote your content to the targeted visitors thereby driving sales or huge traffic to your sites.

Content marketing is about attracting an audience to an experience that you own, build, and optimize to achieve your marketing objectives.

In content you speak on people’s issues and craft the article addressing them. While content marketing is to make promotions to your site through different approaches like social media promotions, advertising etc.

In content marketing our main motto would be attracting the customers by publishing the content you have produced and find out the ways to engage them to your posts which enhances a behaviour.

Content and content marketing have a thin line of difference which has been beautifully stated in this article.

Content marketing address the “why’s” of the customer whereas content addresses the “how’s” of the customer.

Joe Pulizzi (@JoePulizzi) of the Content Marketing Institute Says:

“Content strategy / Content marketing / Inbound marketing…let’s all get over ourselves. It’s pretty much all the same s**t.

Personally, I use content strategy when I’m talking to journalists and content strategists. 

I use content marketing when I’m talking to sales and marketing professionals.

I use inbound marketing when I’m talking to small businesses.

We are indeed all media companies today and it really doesn’t matter what you call it.”


One more point which I would like to quote on is that

Not every content is required to convert visitor to buyer whereas if you are marketing your content for the sake of sales it must be compelling enough to convert the visitor to buyer so that you can reach your estimated income.

Content marketing is the key to attract and engage your customers. In the long run it acts as lead nurturing strategy of your digital marketing. So your business may be into mobile app development, web development, IT services, BI & Analytics, SAP or any product or service you must create quality content in 2016.


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