Common Myths About Mobile Application Development Busted

Mobile applications in today’s world have become more of a necessity than a norm. Most businesses entrust on them the responsibility of achieving the numbers that they wish, in the form of sales. However, the creation of an interactive and effective application is not an easy task as presumed by many. Here are some common myths associated with them and the truth behind it.

  • Developing a Mobile Application is Cheap – One thing that most people assume is that the development of any mobile app does not require much expenditure. The truth, however, is that the cost of development of any application depends on the complexity of the features you wish to incorporate. If you are planning on an advanced feature app then be sure that you will have to pay some extra bucks for it.
  • The Development Process is Quick – Even though a simple app can be developed quicker than a complex one, yet the entire development process ranges from a couple of weeks to few months’ time. The development of the same requires you to take care of a lot of factors like interface, features, glitches and marketing strategy. Once the application is developed, the final testing takes a lot of time and hence the process is nowhere close to being fast.
  • Work is Done Once the App is Developed – An application development requires a lot of tedious steps to be completed that use up a lot of man-hours. Even when the app is fully developed and tested the work does not end there. In fact, the actual work starts after the development when you need to conduct regular tests to find out about bugs and the user response to your app.
  • You Need to Know Everything to Develop an App – Development of an application is a technical process and involves lot of coding and research. Though it would be nice if you know about the technicalities involved it, it is not imperative. If you are going to outsource the task to a mobile application agency then just an idea of what kind of app you want is enough to get the work started.
  • Mobile Applications Main Use is For Smartphones – Most people stay under the impression that the applications developed run only on smartphones. Even though the usage of apps in smartphones is high, however, they can be used in gaming consoles, tablets, and smartwatches as well.

According to a recent research done by Nielsen Media to gauge the media viewing time of individuals, 89% of that is spent on mobile apps. This important fact is the reason why more companies are getting apps developed to reach out to their customers. We do not know how things are going to shape up in the future but in the present scenario, mobile apps are here to stay and make things more interesting.