Chatbots: Future of intelligent customer service

Chatbots are intelligent agents that help people create value for little effort. Conversational bots or chatbots communicate through a messaging interface and are certainly not a new concept. With the likes of Siri and Cortana, we’re all fairly comfortable with the concept of digital assistants.

Services Provided by Chatbots

With the way search has gone in recent years, life has become more difficult for online retailers. Google links us to the mist relevant products, regardless of the seller. This is fine for people looking for cheapest products or certain parameters, but it cuts out many brands out of the process.

People like to shop with brands they trust and styles they identify with. Chatbots are bringing this back into the online shopping experience.

Services can range in 5 ways

Initial – Basic text and/or voice response; little or no conversation (e.g., Telephone IVR);

Repeatable – Voice and/or text recognition and response; rules-based interaction (e.g., Google Voice Search, Siri);

Defined – Basic topic-oriented conversations; may include multimedia inputs and responses basic intelligence and agility

Managed – (Artificial Intelligence) AI-based natural language conversations; multimedia responses; context and basic learning including access to related information

Optimizing – Omnichannel AI-based conversational interactions with learning


Benefits for user

After Induction of chatbots FB messenger has grown from 200m to 900m (Source BI Intelligence). This statistic shows just how much apps have exploded in popularity and also highlights a major shift in where people spend their time.

As a result, brands have now realized the potential of using messaging platforms to engage with and connect with audiences.

Combined with the consumer’s growing desire for instant and one-on-one contact, chatbots look set to surpass platforms like Twitter for customer care.

Instead of being put on hold or waiting on a website chat service, a Chabot will provide an instantaneous response. Consequently, one of the biggest benefits for the consumer is simply a much better overall experience.

Chatbots A shift in interaction for a better UX

The major advantage of bots is that they strongly decrease friction between your service and customer.

Today, if I want to order and Uber, I have to download n app on my phone and sign up, enter my credit card info, request a drier, select a type of service and finally enter my destination. In case of bots I have to just say “I want to go to the office for cheapest price”. That’s what bots are promising and will be delivering much more convenient result.

Sectors apt for Chatbots

Shopping:  people could talk to purchasing applications with text messages or human voices that simulate a store experience.
Control: Voice control systems and sending instructions through Google etc.;
Social: Chatterboxes for general companions
Assistance: Calendar manager or Reminder, Notifications.

Examples of Chatbots


Chatbots are an interactive first step in customer care. Hopefully, that gives you a taste of reasons to get excited about chatbots. Get ahead of your competitors today and think about how chatbots are going to fit into your business.