Sketch 3 surpasses the tools you’ve become accustomed to like Illustrator and Photoshop. It’s evident that the tool was meant for web design but its interface and thoroughness make it a viable option for all sorts of designing.

Sketch 3 is developed exclusively for the Mac taking advantage of Quartz, Retina, Auto Save and Versions.

The next-gen web design tool excels in assisting designers create organized, logical projects with artboards, pages, groups, layers and symbols. To make it even better for your particular design needs, you can integrate your Sketch 3 installation with a host of plugins.

The tool’s one of a kind vector Boolean operation make it easy for web designers to create complex shapes and leverage the extensive layer styles it has to offer. Sketch 3 provides a fully vector-based workflow from start to finish fully loaded with reusable elements and native text rendering.

With Sketch 3, you’ll be able to import SVGs and expand and edits its layers. Masking, pixel perfect spacing and exporting your designs has never been easier. Sketch 3 is intuitive and it’s intelligent.

Sketch 3 has been used to create several distinguished design projects, such as Google’s Pixate and Fleet Feet. The design tool has also gained recognition as the best tool for wireframing and interface design – in case you needed another reason to try it out.