Is your app Ready…? Try these sites for free Marketing

So you have developed your dream app and uploaded it to the market and eagerly waiting for a flood of downloads to propel your product to stardom. Though you announce in Facebook page/account and get some positive comments, you can’t seem to get more than past 50 download’s a day.

Those mere numbers won’t work especially when you are competing against a seemingly never ending list of companies trying to jostle their way to the top.

These are few sites which help you to promote your app for free.

Springwise :-

Springwise is their own service but they have a spring watch and newsletter service that tells their customers about other apps they should be keeping an eye on.
You can suggest your own business with a pitch on their site, and often they will publish it if they think your tool has what it takes. Though there is tough competition, you’ll get get enough chance if you have explained yourself well.

App Storm  :-

App storm is a curation site for content based on different apps for different platforms. They frequently do lists and pieces about different apps, which can be pitched to them through their site.
They have a good user base of regular reads, so one blog post from them can generate a lot of traffic. Since they aren’t a database it isn’t great for conversions, but it will get them to your site to work your magic.

Launching next:-

A database of startups with an attached blog, Launching next is a great site that has a loyal fan base and a gate design. They also have a daily newsletter where they connect with people right in their inbox.

You can have your startups featured in that newsletter, taking advantage of the many benefits of email marketing. Plus they have an area for trending startups on their site, so the more attention you get, the more hype will build.

The Startup pitch:-

It is a unique place, because it is all about content. It was originally started o new startups could share news about their product, launch,etc., without having to have their site up and running to link to. It all started from there.
Now you can post pitches about your company, alerting their active user base about what is coming.

Product Hunt:-

PH is a well-known promoter of new tools and apps. They give you a featured page with all the information you need about your service.

Then they let you interact directly with interested customers, answering questions and communicating with them one to one. Products then go on a list, where people can find them later on based on categories and tags


This team consists of reputed members behind webby awards. Here, rather than all apps, Only Consumer-focused apps are considered. However, If published, your app do get lot of exposure.
Including your app in newsletters and delivering them constantly to the users is one best service offered by them.

Facebook Ads (PAID):-

Facebook has put a lot of work into their advertising structure, which is why they remain the most stable of special advertising platforms on the market.

You can narrow down your ads(apps) to target certain demographics, and it is a pay by reach system that gives you control over your daily budget.

This is also a great way to test your apps by looking at the patterns of engagement with each campaign.

Startups using Startups:-

It is an upcoming unorthodox website where entrepreneurs are been encouraged by providing a medium to showcase their ability and product to the market. Here any apps you created can be submitted.


It is similar to Product Hunt, It features both startups and apps. To be submitted and displayed is of no cost but to get into the headlines of Betalist puts your pocket into picture.
So if you want a good early boost in customers, this is a good place to get them.

Rate my startup:-

It is very different from others as the members of community here rate your app once it is featured and the more you impress the community the longer your app will feature in headlines of the website.
It is slow process for free submissions but can be enhanced with payments.