What’s New in Android 7.0 Nougat?

The developer preview of Android N gives us a good Idea of all the new featured that the OS will give. Android N comes with a number of new user-facing features. Below are few major features introduced by Android N

Split-Screen multitasking

Presumably the biggest feature of Android N, this was among the most requested ones from the users. Here you can put an app in split view mode by long pressing the recent apps button, it brings the recent apps and allows you to select the second app you need to split view.

Improved Notifications

With new Android version, Google is giving one of the h3est parts of Android, A major change. Besides the new look, the notification panel in android N comes with many features like the direct reply, Bundled notifications and more.

Direct reply notifications

It builds on the quick reply feature introduced by Google in Marshmallow. You won’t have to navigate away from your current window just to answer an incoming message. You can just reply within that notification on top of the screen.

Clear list of recent apps

Google added a clear all catch to the recently opened applications list, just it’s somewhat covered up. Rather than setting it at the base of your screen when seeing your recent applications, you have to look to the highest priority on the rundown where you’ll locate the convenient clear all text. Tap on it and all applications are closed.

Bundled Notifications

Bundled notifications will allow developers to group multiple notifications from their app into one. Each notification can also be individually expanded to reveal more information. So, for example only one Gmail notification for all mails in the inbox of Gmail, but when you expand it using the one figure gesture, it will expand to take more place and then display relevant information of each email you received.

Doze mode

One of the prominent features of Marshmallow has been doze mode, An innovative way of keeping battery whenever the device is stationery. It amounts to a deep standby mode.

Android N is going to step up the energy saving software techniques by expanding Doze mode so that it thoroughly limits the background tasks whenever the screen is off. This could be ideal for throwing your phone into your pocket and waking up next day to see the same battery level.

Data saving

If you are tired of paying for data overages, then at this junction utilizing an Android Nougat can empower data saver to limit particular applications from utilizing data in the background.

Under the data usage menu, open data saver and turn it on. You can then experience a rundown of applications introduced on your device, and empower foundation information for everyone you need. Applications will just access cellular data when you’re effectively using it.

Quick settings

At the top of notification panel in Android N, it features quick toggle for Wi-Fi, BT, Data saver and other important system settings. Previously, accessing quick tiles would require some time. This will make it easier for users to access the frequently used toggles, especially on the device with a large screen.

The option to customize the tiles being displayed in quick settings has now graduated to a full-fledged feature in android N. You can not only add new tiles but also rearrange the existing tiles in the order you like.

Keyboard shortcuts

Utilizing a physical keyboard with a tablet like Pixel C includes a level of accommodation and mobile computing feels to the tablet. Be that as it may, earning and recollecting each application’s keyboard shortcuts can be errand. With nougat, you can press search+/to see a rundown of shortcuts for the application you’re as of now utilizing.


Google says Android Nougat will provide its biggest leap forward in graphics with the introduction of Vulkan giving game developers much needed control of the GPU.

There’s also a number of Runtime improvements, including optimizations to the JIT compiler which has seen task speeds increase between 3 to 5 times.