8 Simple Tips for writing Web Content

Writing for web isn’t particularly complicated, but it is an Important Skill to master and it doesn’t require a huge deviation from the rules which were taught in school. There are just few criteria that have to be taken into account to maximize the impact of your copy, be it for Marketing or blog post.

As a writer, you simply can’t afford to get it wrong, especially on your own site. By paying attention to just a few basics, you can get your website copy to the point where it’s not only pretty good, but achieves the goals you want it to do.

With this in mind, here are 8 tips and tricks Content writers need to know.

1.Ideas are Gold: – Never waste an Idea! Even if you immediately write-off a thought as silly, Note it down. You never know what could have come out of this Idea you quickly dismissed. A trick of the best content writers is to keep a pen and paper on you at all the time.

2.Start with keyword research: – Always start with keyword research for SEO.  Although SEO should always be a focal point, if you stuff keywords into your copy you’ll negatively impact the readability of your content, its conversion rate and how well it ranks. If you stuff keywords into your copy, readers will bounce off the page and search engines will slap you down.

3.Get the Important Information Upfront:- This is something like a funnel, which essentially means that readers should be able to find out everything they need to know at top from the opening paragraphs.

You start with all the important information then move onto the additionally detail and a more-in-depth explanation. It’s widely used in news journalism.

4.Grouping resources: – As a Content writer, you’ll be asked to write on every topic happening in a sector. It’s Obvious that no one knows everything and Referring to right resources is the key here. Don’t Fret about what you know. That’s what search engines are for.

If you come across a link or website which you feel worthy for further reference, share it on Google+ with no one in that circle or simply save link using Evernote.

5.Attention Grabbing headlines:- A headline Is essential to crafting quality content. You want to grab your reader’s attention by coming up with a catchy title. While you may think it is difficult, it’s not.

A few tricks:

  • Use numbers
  • Headlines like ‘How to..’ will work
  • Lots of Line breaks.

6.Write in simple, Concise English: – The toughest part of writing for the web is keeping your work simple and removing out all the technical language. People generally don’t want to read complicated explanations, they want web copy to be easy to understand and scan.

So it ain’t about dumbing everything down, you just need to ensure you’re explaining things in such a way that an average audience can understand. Explaining complicated topics in simple language is a valuable skill. Don’t assume your readers are all academics with specialist knowledge, because on the web they’re definitely not.

7.Use Doing words:- The old way of writing Business copy that’s impersonal  is done. Passive voice and indirect speeches are a big No-nos. Speak directly to your reader through your web content using active, direct voice and “doing” words. This makes your copy actionable and motivates your client to get moving.
Eg:- Instead of “we provide simple, affordable solutions that scale to your needs” use “Get simple, affordable solutions that scale to your needs.”

8.Build Trust:-

Trust is an important aspect for any website. To make people believe…

  • Be accurate and focus on facts.
  • Hyperlinked sources could do better to verify information.
  • Update content continuously. Use reminders to update links.
  • Proofread everything
  • Give away information for free. An email signup for everything doesn’t work.

Impact of better web writing:-

Mobile readiness + SEO
Engagement + Influence