10 reasons why every business must have a Mobile App

The time has changed and so have the business methods. Gone are the days when consumers had to scrounge for the service providers. Mobile technology is changing the way of communication between the service providers and the consumers. If you think that mobile app is only meant for big brands like Flipkart or Amazon, you could never be more wrong.


I would like to give you 10 reasons why every business (big, medium, small or even minuscule) should have a mobile application.

  1. Be in every pocket – According to statistics, a person spends on an average 3 hours on his mobile phone. Probably only a handful of applications make up to half of this usage. Being in the same space can be very advantageous to your business as our minds remember every image and text unconsciously.
  1. Stand out– It is still rare for a small business to have a mobile development app and this is where you can take a big step and develop app for your business and you’ll be astonished to see how your customers are impressed by your advanced approach and easier access.
  1. Website traffic– Google play store and Apple store get millions of hits on daily basis. Getting an app will not only give you many downloads but will also boost your website traffic by giving you back links from highly authoritative pages.
  1. Customer data– One of the advantages of having a mobile app is that you can get detailed customer insights such as profitable regions, demographics, their needs and the overall performance of your app which can be used in enhancing your products, services and identifying new business opportunities.
  1. Location independent– By developing your own app, your business becomes location independent and allows you, your customers and your employees to make use of your services by being wherever they are.
  1. Location tracking– By adding location tracking to your app, you can track locations of your customers and find different ways for marketing. Many successful shopping apps use locations to provide the best deals to their customers. Focus marketing can be made to a great use due to the location tracking features.
  1. More action– With more engagement comes more action. Mobile apps drive more target audience in comparison to other mediums. Whether you want users to sign up for new service or buy a product, mobile app is the best medium to do that.
  1. Be social– One of the major benefits of a mobile app is its ability to encourage the social interaction of the users. The social interaction allows the users to share your offers and deals with their online connections which ultimately give YOU the benefit. Make sure you have your social networks linked to your app.
  1. Customer service– The most important thing for a business is to have a good customer service. By developing an app, you give an opportunity to your users to interact with you no matter where they are in the whole world and it gives you a chance to provide better customer service to them as a mobile app makes user interaction with you a lot simpler & convenient.
  1. Promotion– With a mobile app, it is easier to promote your products by having pop-ups and push notifications. Human brain always unconsciously records the texts and images.


Developing an app gives you brand recognition. The content and design of your app tells a lot about who you are as a company and what services you offer. Therefore, a mobile app solidifies your identity in the market. The connections you create through the app can drive the users to your website or even to your store. Make sure that the content and design has something new to offer to your users.