10 Do’s and Don’ts of Launching an E-commerce Site

These days, it’s quite inexpensive and almost a cinch to get into the e-commerce sector. But at no point it ever implies that it’s equally or even remotely easy to sustain and be successful in the same. If you are planning to launch an e-commerce site, give the following article a read.

The 10 Do’s & Don’ts of Launching an E-commerce Site are as follows: 

  1. Site Reach:

Never be in the assumption that just by a mere launch of your website (the site going LIVE) people will throng to it. Just like any product, your website too needs to be marketed and promoted, in order to expand the reach. A full-fledged and thorough strategy and plan is to be in place with respect to the site’s promotion, getting maximum traffic and gain traction accordingly. Multiple SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Social Media Management tactics need to be deployed. 

  1. Customers’ Mouth:

Always, ALWAYS listen to your customers’ views. Be in regular touch with them, engage and interact with them, pay heed to their grievances and make it your foremost priority to solve them above all. Your customers will pave the way to many new ideas & innovations which could be quite beneficial to your business. Also, when customers notice that your company lends an ear, they will forge deeper ties and brand loyalty. 

  1. Be a Master in one, not Jack of all trades:

Focus, execute and develop in your core areas and expertise initially. Do NOT try to be everything and providing a gamut of services/products at the start if that is not your domain and/or core focus. Simply put, if you specialize in marathon running, don’t compete in 100m sprint races.

  1. Money Money:

Do have a revenue generating business model. As much as you love your work and the whole “start-up” scenario, 99% of the time, you got into following your dream to mint money too, if not just. Offering freebies to customers will only help to an extent (not to forget drain your expenses); hence always have a solid revenue generating model in focus.

  1. Appeal Factor:

The trend currently emphasizes on the quality of the content, how useful, beneficial or impactful it is for the user. But the presentation, layout design, user friendliness and robustness too are some of the key parameters to consider with equal weight-age, if not more. Hence, give considerable time and effort into making the site quite attractive, appealing and pleasant to the eyes, be it textually or pictorially.

  1. Freshness:

Keep your website completely up to date with any and every relevant information, content and trending topics. It should be strong enough to be considered as the “go to” site for your specific field.

  1. Technical Robustness:

Make sure your site is robust enough to handle all sorts of payment issues, such as failed transactions, successful transference and delivery, proper mapping and archiving of transaction details with detailed paper trail. It must have the requisite firewalls, anti-hacking soft wares and other protection features along with the ability to handle massive traffic. 

  1. Customer Interface:

A separate portal to handle all customer queries and concerns is one of the most important aspects. Where matters of money are involved, everybody wishes to contact the sorting authority immediately and with relevant paper trail. Make sure your customer care department is available 24×7, separate contact numbers, mail ids etc. are available and within easy reach of the customer, for complaints and/or feedback. 

  1. Product Testing:

At times, it is a bitter bite to swallow but you must admit that your service and/or product are not what the market really wants or appreciates. Get on and move on with it. Do not linger for months and years to see a little jump in that graph, all the time when you have put serious sheer hours and effort into it. Start testing with your immediate friends, acquaintances and friends of friends. Push out questionnaires and surveys and get an estimate about the impact/effect/image of your brand, products and/or services. 

  1. Never Back Down:

Rome wasn’t built in a day, so wasn’t Facebook, Microsoft or Apple either. Irrespective of the hurdles & the obstacles, keep going. Do not give up on your dream and all the effort you put in go a waste. It’s very important to note and understand that it won’t be a cinch and it won’t come fast.


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